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Transportation Fuels and Lubricants

Fueling Ohio and Kentucky's Transportation Industry

If you're working in the transportation industry, you already know that understanding the dollars and cents behind fueling your vehicles can mean the difference between a decent year and an excellent year. The science behind the options available, however, may be more of a mystery. Conventional or synthetic? Which additives, and how much? Which supplementary fluids are worth the extra cost?

It pays to know a supplier who not only understands the way these products interact with your trucks or other vehicles, but also invests long-term in your business so that you make more money and expand. Whether you're on the road, on the railroad or in the air, make the most of your many opportunities to improve efficiency, increase vehicle longevity and succeed in spite of rising costs.


R.D. Holder Oil provides consistent, dependable diesel fuel for trucking companies of all sizes in Ohio and Kentucky. As an independent distributor, we can leverage our position in the market to buy you the fuels of your choice at the lowest possible cost – and we never have to buy a product we're not proud to distribute. With R.D. Holder, you also have access to fuel variants like high-efficiency premium diesel, environmentally friendly biodiesel, algae-killing biocides and advanced additives for protection from harsh climates. Our staff can help you determine the right combination of fuels and additives to best suit your fleet.


Apart from the essential conventional and synthetic motor oils you would expect from any reputable distributor, we go above and beyond to provide all the fluids you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. From diesel exhaust fluids to CNG engine oils and a full line of greases, we've got you covered in one convenient stop.

Specialized Transportation

In addition to our wide range of on-road products, R.D. Holder Oil is also proud to be one of the few regional suppliers of highly specialized fuels and lubricants for customers in the railroad and aviation industries. Our aviation products range from the popular AeroShell for small-scale use, to Eastman Turbo Oils for jet aircraft. Please contact us for more details on our product offerings for aviation customers.

Fueling Ohio

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